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15. Production optimization is a meeting point between various production elements. Theatres' respective programming announcements results in a high probability of joint productions at the national and international levels. Furthermore, better management of artist's engagements results in increased casting possibilities for theatres; and a chronological and geographical optimization of the distribution of offerings at an international level can lead to the sharing of audiences among theatres instead of splitting the audience between them. Representation agencies can verify all represented artists' expected engagements during their availability period, with considerable savings of time and money, and learn about roles not yet cast. In this way, agencies can enlarge their range of actions and simultaneously guarantee their artists major possibilities of being cast. For their part, theatres can make use of a range of options and can be guaranteed of substitutions or alternates, even for the most difficult to cast roles.

16. Exchanging and renting out sets
The rental of sets produced by the theatre allows a gradual income of realization costs and limits costs incurred by storage and wear and tear from disuse. Even the transport of materials can result in high costs, making it more convenient to allow a free transfer. offers for your disposal the most complete exhibition of theatrical sets. This method of comparison allows you to evaluate the compatibility of the set with your stage in real time. It is essential that mid-level theatres be able to appraise an existing offer before deciding about a new production, and provides a precious opportunity for theatres to check structures of major importance. That said, a theatre that produces a new staging will obtain major contractual power, provided that it is used non-episodically (sporadically?), and thus obtaining better economic treatment for both the artists and the scenic suppliers. Furthermore, will provide useful information for appraising, already in the planning phase, and the adoption of accords to allow better statistical compatibility between stages, thus increasing production distribution.

17. Expierence and availability of performers in real time
Virtual company offers a global panorama that the individual experience can never match, regardless of how broad it may be. Knowing the agendas of the singers whose repertoire includes roles you are interested in casting allows you to operate rangings which optimize programming and guarantee the performers' availability. You can track the progress of a young artist, who, thanks to, will have the same visibility as more experienced artists. There is no course defined for the virtual company; it depends on what you are searching for and why: you can check an artist's availability during a certain period, as well as his experience in a particular role, or you can decide to compile a company of singers whose repertoire includes a given role but who have not yet performed it onstage. It can also be used as starting point to obtain any other needed information: all programmes use a circular connection system, allowing you to start anywhere to obtain the desired result.

18. Emergency substitions
The emergency substitution of an artist in a well-known opera does not imply a particular difficulty, even if economic or qualitative compromise may sometimes result. The situation becomes more difficult, however, if the opera is not part of the standard repertoire and you are unable to find a performer who is available and prepared. Other unfavourable conditions include: holiday, unavailability of the artist's direct address, inability to track down an agent, absence of theatre personnel, etc., anything that can aggravate the circumstances. is a valid source of assistance in such situations: if the desired singer is already booked and you have to start from scratch, go to the virtual company and choose your theatre, the opera, the period, and the performance dates. You can then access a list of artists of interest. If a particular artist is not unavailable, you can check to see what he is performing, where he is performing it, and on which days he is occupied. After finding and appraising the desired artist, you can access his personal card, from which it is possible to send an SMS message directly to his phone and/or and e-mail, identify his agent, and accomplish similar tasks with optimal chances of finding an immediate solution to your problem.


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