Service contract which Callipigia s.r.l, via Sante Vincenzi, 46 (40138) Bologna,
owner of, offers to conclude with you.


1. 1. Services offered by

1.1. Service definition
The services offered by include, after payment of the subscription fee, the possibility for users to exchange information on this website, access other users’ information for their own use, and different ways of communication between users. Please see article 2. of this contract for further information.

1.2. User-ID Verification will verify, to the best of its ability, users’ identities (see FAQ for more information on how this works). However, cannot not guarantee that users are who they claim to be.

1.3. Users’ Liberties and responsibilities offers a system of communication; it is left solely to the user’s discretion what information he chooses to release on this website. will not be held responsible for any information and/or declarations posted by users. takes no responsability for verifying information and users' claims.

1.4. Service’s limits
OperaManager:com will not act as a facilitator between users, nor will it organize other functions detailed in art. 1.1 of this contract.

2. Rights of Contracting Parties

2.1. Service access
After entering into the contract as described in art. 10, will send a username and password to the user. Afterwards, the user will be able to access his own personal card and all sections relevant to his category (described in art. 2.2). Furthermore, he will have access to the information provided by other users, to which he is entitled by his subscription (described in 2.3 to 2.14 of this contract). .

2.2. Entering information online
With this service, the user can enter any information that he wants processed by the programme. To access the entry module, the user must follow the link "change" on the main menu, which appears after a successful login. The information is organized by category:

2.2.1. Theatre categories:
a) Personal user card (artistic director, general manager, staff member responsible for updating information): date of birth, personal website, four photos, tax number, confidential contact information (Email and mobile phone);
b) Theatre card: name, city, state/province, address, telephone, fax, website, artistic director, staff member responsible for updating information, technical sheet of the stage (12 points, coefficients);
c) Productions: recent and future (name of the opera composer, period, performance dates, conductor, director, scenic designer, costume designer, choreographer, lighting technicians, personnel, singers, cast list);
d) Scenic production: space for sets owned by the theatre on hire, organized in changeable cards. Information to be put in the cards: four photos, title-composer, stage director, scenic director, costumes, lights, minimal needs of the stage (12 coefficients), general information (refers, first allestiments, costs, co-productions, chronology), material by the property of the theatre (scenes, properties, costumes, wigs, shoes, jewellery), suppliers, transport (Nr. of trucks 280 quintal), technical staff (Number: stage hands, property-masters, electricians, tailors, shoemakers, hairdressers, make up-artists);
e) Change password: allows the subscriber to change his password to access services.

2.2.2. Category of artists:
a) Personal card: registration information, voice type and five tailor measurements (singers), personal website, four photos, tax information, confidential personal information, e-mail and mobile phone;
b) Repertoire: roles still performed or studied;
c) Agenda: future engagements;
d) Change password: allows the subscriber to change password to access services.

2.2.3. Category of agency:
a) Personal user card (personal agent or staff member in charge of updating the data): date of birth, personal web site, four photos, tax info and confidential information (e-mail and mobile phone):
b) Company card: name of the agency, agency members, website, address, telephone, fax, year of title deed, register subscription, tax number;
c) Represented artists: connection to the represented artist, organization of geographic areas of representation, handling of information (personal information, reserved access for the first agency), repertoire and agenda of the represented artists;
d) Daily engagements of the represented artists;
e) Change password: allows the subscriber to change his password to access services.

2.3. Search by category
This programme allows access to all subscribers' information and personal cards. The search runs on two fields: research by category ("what are you looking for?": scenic production/sets, singers, choreographers, costume-designers, lighting designers, artistic directors, conductors, staff members responsible for the updating of the agency, staff members responsible for the updating of the theatres, opera and composer, roles, artist managers, directors, set designers, agencies, general managers, theatres) and "keyword": at least four following characters found in the results.

2.4. Production Search:
Here you will find a list of productions present in our database, based on the operas and period you have selected, and from which you can access more detailed information.

2.5. Virtual casting:
This is an exclusive programme of when you enter the title of an opera, the venue and performance dates, a complete cast list broken down by voice type will appear in our database: at the right of the column the number of singers who have already sung the opera appears (column “production” theatre information) or those whose repertoire includes this opera (column “repertoire” singers information). When you visit one of these sections, a list of names will appear according to artists’ experience in a given role. The column “availability” shows, according to the artist’s statement, his availability or engagments during the chosen period. Availability indications links to the daily engagement pages inserted by the singer. If the singer is connected with multiple agencies, a link appears to the representative’s index relating to the chosen seat of performance. The singer's name is linked to his personal card, repertoire, and agenda of engagements. When one or more names are selected, they will show up in relation to the roles in the opera. The button "theatre bill" supplies a printable version of the requested production.

2.6. MultiMailer
Function of the virtual company reserved to the appointed general manager or artistic director of the selected theatre: once the virtual cast has been completed, the director can send a list of available roles in this opera to agents; or, if represented artists are not found, the list can be sent directly to singers, simply by pressing the multimailer button and confirming the sending. Every addressee receives a personal message; the sender receives a report of all sent messages.

2.7. E-Mail redirect
An e-mail adress in will be assigned to every subscriber at his personal card/confidential information, which remains reserved and can be changed at any time by the subscriber.

2.8. SMS to a secret number
The mobile phone number entered in the personal card/confidential information field will be transformed in a code which allows the subscriber to send and receive urgent comunications by SMS.

2.9. Stage comparison
Function of the "technical stage card" from every theatre: permits a theatre representative to compare the technical aspects of his theatre listed on his card with those listed on the card of another subscribed theatre.

2.10. Minimum stage requirement (only applicable to theatres)
Function of the minimum requirement of the stage in the module 'staging': permits a subscribed theatre to automatically post the dimensions of its or another stage, as well as the minimum dimensions required for a borrowed set. It is possible to change this automated information.

2.11. Comparison of stages for sets
Function of the minimum stage requirements for every staging viewed: allows a theatre representative to compare the stage card of his theatre with that of another subscribed theatre and identify potential incompatibilities.

2.12. Management of the geographic areas of representation (only for agencies)
This Function links when artist information is changed, or when an agency changes its roster of represented artists: it allows the definition of geographic areas of representation for every artist. The available options are: 1. Representation worldwide, 2. Representation worldwide except for selected regions, 3. Representation of the artist only in selected regions. This information is available on the represented artist's personal card and is recognized by the programme's virtual company and multimailer.

2.13. Elaborations
The user can order elaborations and summary sheets of these guidelines from electronically or on paper.

2.14. NewsLetter
The user can receive periodic newsletters from

3. Subscription fee

3.1. Subscription fee
The corresponding amount for the services consists of payment for the annual subscription fee, indicated on the "list side" accessible through the menu of the website.

3.2. Additional services
The user can order available additional services not included in the annual subscription fee.

3.3. Payment instructions
The payment can be effected by bank transfer or credit card. Please follow the instructions given by

3.4. Verification of account situation
Every registered member can verify his personal account by following the menu on

4. Further user obligations

4.1. Truthfulness of information provided
The user is required to insert only truthful information and to guarantee that he is a practitioner of the activity for which he has subscribed to

4.2. Documentation
The user promises to have suitable documentation proving the truthfulness of his claims to and, if requested, will make this information available to

4.3. Use of site: limits
The user is not permitted to post or to use the site and its programmes for the diffusion of defamatory, injust or slanderous statements, or any materials violating any person’s rights. Furthermore, the user is not permitted to use the site and its operating programmes to create a link between and a site that is not his own. The user is not permitted to use the site and its operating programmes to create a link between and any site whose content is unjust, defamatory, in violation of intellectual property laws, or otherwise in violation of the spirit of such laws, or laws prohibiting linking. The user recognizes that has the power to cancel any and all links which the user creates between and other sites. The user is not permitted to make use for advertising purposes, chain letters or pyramidal schemes of correspondence, public relation purposes, realization of the aims of a third party, or to realize ends external to the aims of the site -- to facilitate contact between managers and other theatre professionals, so that they may exchange information relevant to their activities and profession.

4.4. Login information
The information required to log into the site, represented by the username and password, is property of, which grants them exclusively to the user. The user is not permitted to transfer access to to a third party for any length of time, and is asked to make sure that no one without the proper privileges is able to log on to the site. All materials posted on the site by the registered user will be considered as issuing from himself and subject to his responsibility.

5. Right of control by has the right to check the contents entered into the site by the users. can delete any content which violates art. 4 of this contract and, if considers necessary, cancel the subscriber's contract, detaining the subscription fee as penalty except compensation of damages. has the power to remove, on its discretion, site contents damaging to a third party’s rights or disrespectful of the aims of the site. With the exception of above cases, the user can cancel his subscription, in which case any material he has posted will be removed, and he will be refunded his subscription fee.

6. Responsibility exclusions is not responsable for potential damages caused by the user or by inaccuracy, untruthfulness, incomplete site information, or damages ensuing from the presence of information, true or false, posted by any person using the login information (username and password) of a registered user. is not responsible for possible suspensions of service caused by power failure, telephone service, or other interferences affecting the transmission of site information, including those categorized as extreme acts of nature.

7. Limits of responsibility will accept responsibility for potential damages caused by late, partial or incorrect appearance in the site of information correctly entered by the user, only and exclusively within the price limit of the user’s subscription.

8. Property rights for the content in

The present contract attributes to the user the right to consult, for his own ends, the information contained in This information establishes a databank of the property of with all legal consequences. The user is forbidden to make or to allow anyone to make partial or full copies of the contents of website, either on paper or electronically, with the exception of necessary consultations to the site.
Furthermore, the user is forbidden to publicize the contents (database) of

9. Industrial property rights for and the programmes for electronic worker who operates in it

The programmes for electronic workers who process users' information for, as well as the project of a site which carries out the functions set forth by, even if applied to sectors other than operatic theatres, are the exclusive property of The user is forbidden to either copy or help anyone to copy, directly or indirectly, in part or in whole, the programme for electronic processing described in this art. 9; or to emulate the range of functions set forth by the site

10. Conclusion and length of the contract

The present contract between the user and will be concluded after the signing of this contract and annual payment of the subscription fee

11. Place of jurisdiction

The judicial court of Bologna will be called upon to mediate in all disputes of this contract